September 2015 Newsletter

The Meaning Behind the Prophetics Logo - Prophetics Gallery


The Meaning Behind the Prophetics Logo – Prophetics Gallery

The logo that we use for Prophetics has been created by a dear friend Mary Kathryn Lee from High Point, North Carolina. She has helped us capture the essence of what Prophetics is all about. The tree symbolizes the Tree of Life which is a symbol that is highly recognized by all nations and religions. We are an international e-commerce gallery website and want to reach the nations with the creative pieces that we sell. We believe our art has a way of touching the very soul and it can be life transforming not only to individuals but also to the very cultures around us.

If you Google “Tree Of Life” you will find there is much more to learn by this symbols significance. In Revelations 22:2 the bible states that the Tree of Life’s leaves are for the healing of the nations. We know that art moves people but it also has the capacity to heal and bring about awareness. We at Prophetics feel that the leaves signify all the individual pieces of art that we are offering to the world. Our hope is that the art will indeed heal the nations. The unrest and turmoil that we see in the world today shows us the need for healing and love. We believe that our talented artisans and craftsmen are divinely anointed to bring about healing along with joy, peace, happiness, and the love of God through their creativity. We like to call this a “new” renaissance and it is very different from the renaissance period of old.

The first renaissance that emerged in the late Middle Ages in the 14th century and continued into the 17th century was seen as a true revival force. The Renaissance movement was a critical source that spurred progressive thinking, explored human emotion, expression, knowledge, and understanding. The Renaissance period had a way of opening many advances in the area of culture and the art created during that period played a significant role. Today we see much of this historic Renaissance art on display in major art museums throughout the world. These historic pieces still inspire us today. I believe that God is speaking to us of a “new” renaissance that is intent on pouring out His spirit and showing the world His love. This love has the ability to change emotions, develop stronger cultures and bring about a better knowledge of understanding and purpose. God reveals Himself to us in so many ways and I believe art is one of His finest mediums. Art has a way of drawing us in and creates emotions that go far beyond our ability to speak. It is a universal language that uses visual means to stir deep emotions and calls us to a deeper awareness.

Like the Tree of Life, we hope that Prophetics will bear much fruit twelve months out of the year by bringing beautifully inspired art to the world. The bird perched on the tree represents the Holy Spirit and the leaf represents restoration and life. This life has been offered to us for centuries through the cross of Jesus and the Holy Spirit is here to guide us to everlasting life. The roots of the tree are deeply planted by the river to express the thought of being continually rooted and grounded in God’s love and truth. We want roots so deep that we are immovable as we grow and bear fruit no matter what season. The logo also uses special colors of blue, green, purple, and white and were carefully chosen to convey significant meanings for our business. These meanings are listed as follows:

Hope The Word Revalation
Healing Anointing Power
Grace Heavenlies Might
Freedom Holy ground Truth
Mercy Eternal Life Resting in God
Praise Prosperity Knowledge
Fruitfulness Vigor Fresh Oil
New Beginnings Freshness Restoration of Life
Abundant Life Spiritual Growth Harvest
Kingship Fear of the Lord Inheritance
Royalty Jesus as Mediator Dominion
Majesty Sonship Kingdom Authority
Light Holiness  
Festivity Intercession  
Purity Bride of Christ  
Triumph Totality of God  
Righteousness Divinity  
Salt Son of God  

The color meanings that we listed have significant importance to our company’s foundation. We want Prophetics to be well grounded, strong, and bringing support and encouragement to our customers as well as our talented team of artisans and craftsmen. The circular design of the logo is two-fold. First, it symbolizes bringing art to the world and leaving a legacy that will continue for generations to come. And second, this symbol will be cast in metal to form a logo that can be put on shoes, purses, and more to help raise money for charities and funding artisans in different nations to start businesses and help eliminate poverty. It’s our way of giving back.

They say “a picture paints a thousand words” and we at Prophetics believe that the pieces we sell in all mediums will do just that. Our artisans and craftsmen meticulously hand craft fine pieces that will inspire people for centuries to come. Let the “New” Renaissance begin and bring a revival of God’s love like the world has never seen to help change the lives of His children and the cultures in which they live.