October 2015 Newsletter

Featured Artist of the Month    

We are very excited and proud to announce that Alice Arlene Briggs has joined the artist team on our Prophetics website.                                                                                                                                                                   

Pot Parade by Alice Arlene Briggs
Pot Parade
Born in Michigan, raised in Carlsbad, NM in a family who loved to dabble in all kinds of crafts, Alice was encouraged from an early age to try new things.  After degrees in Biology and Chemistry and Occupational Therapy, the artistic side of her demanded a larger voice. When she returned to Carlsbad, Alice began taking art classes offered at the local branch college of New Mexico State:  drawing, pastel, watercolor, and oil.  She first took the classes somewhat on a dare, but quickly discovered that she absolutely loved it and took as many as she could.
A few years later, a friend asked Alice to take a weekend class with her taught by Helen Gwinn in which she discovered the wonders of acrylics and collage.  Alice was blessed to be able to study with both Helen and Lynette Watkins three times at La Romita, and once further North in Italy where she added many new techniques to her repertoire and was greatly influenced by the instructors and fellow classmates as well as the cultural heritage and natural beauty of Italy.  As Alice worked in the studio, she noticed that it was while she was in the midst of the creative process that she felt the pleasure of my Creator the most.
Alice's technique involves multiple colors, layers and techniques to generate depth, richness, texture, and energy that invite one to interact with the piece as elements are revealed to the eye.  Her work tends to reflect some aspect of her life at the time and is an expression of worship to the Artist of all Creation to whom she owes her everything.  Alice's hope for her work, is that it would bring peace, hope, and joy to each viewer.  Her desire, as you look at a piece, is that it would speak something just for your heart, mind, and soul, and that it would bring an atmosphere of peace, rest, and wholeness whereverit is hung. Alice may make mention of what a piece means to her, but if it speaks of something else to you, please hold on to the meaning that it has for you.  It has served its purpose in my life, but now it has something to give to you.  May it be a blessing.  
Hill Town by Alice Arlene Briggs
Hill Town
New Things On The Horizon
Written by Debbie Marino
Our online international gallery is stirring lots of interest in the online and wholesale marketplace. We are rapidly expanding and modifying our website to accommodate the interest and needs of our customers, fine artisans and craftsmen from around the globe.

So we have some exciting news!!!
Prophetics has decided to expand our website to offer a better ordering system and more exciting features for our customers. We are currently redesigning our online e-commerce system to offer prints and giclees of our artist's originals. Several paper, canvas, acrylic, metal, matting and frame options will be made available as well. The check out cart will also be much easier for our customers to use when making their selections and ordering. Our system will be upgraded to accommodate all of these options within the next two weeks. We will now have wonderful digital imaging experts that do all the copying, matting, and framing. The other nice feature about our new system is that our customers can see their art selections in 3D in a room setting of their choice. They can select paint color options which will best simulate their home wall color and be able to view the art against the paint backdrop. This will make it easier for our customers to make their selections visually and effectively. Therefore, the art piece can be viewed on the wall just like it would appear in their home and be able to make a good sound decision when buying their art online. This is a great feature for our wholesale trade buyers and interior design members to use as well. We will also be able to bring these wonderful new features to the international wholesale markets in the USA that Prophetics travels to each year with our select group of fine artisans and craftsmen.
Prophetics and it's owner Debbie Marino were officially made members of the CIVA - Christians in the Visual Arts Network on September 27, 2015.   
Worshippers On Pilgrimage
                                                                                                                         Artist - Alice Arlene Briggs