November 2015 Newsletter

Prophetics Adds New Features To Their Website

Prophetics just keeps getting better. In the month of October we added some very amazing features. Now our customers can enjoy the benefit of getting prints or giclees of an original piece as well as framing and matting. The other unique shopping feature that we offer allows our customers to view their art in 3D in a room setting of their choice. We also added Sherwin Williams paint colors that they can select for simulation and show colors similar to their walls in their home.

These features help our customers to chose art on the right scale for their home and make good sound decision before purchasing. 

Prophetics Would Like To Welcome Avril Ward to Our Team Of Artists.
Avril is from the Cayman Islands and is known for her  beautifully inspired prophetic sculptures of bronze and her painted art pieces.
We invite you to our website at Prophetics to enjoy her limited edition sculpture collection. Remember Christmas is just around the corner and one of Avril's sculptures would make the perfect gift for someone special.
This art piece is entitled "My Brother's Keeper" by Avril Ward.
Art With Purpose
By Debbie Marino
In society today we hear a lot of talk about art with purpose and art that heals. There are many non-profit groups and organizations that have been formed to help communities with the proceeds from art sales to foster change. As the owner and founder of Prophetics, I promote Prophetic and Christian artisans and craftsmen from around the world who are inspired by God to create pieces that have a divine purpose. These divinely inspired pieces are anointed to bring about change and they help to bring God's Kingdom to earth. The art we exhibit has the ability to bring healing, hope, love, freedom and so much more. It touches many lives and helps to change atmospheres in cities, communities and cultures. I have spoken with many artisans and craftsmen over the past few months and they tell countless stories and testimonies of how their art has touched many people in their communities and changed their lives for the better. I have shared my own personal testimony in the past about how a prophetic art piece had helped change the life of my own son who suffered for years with severe anxiety and depression. 
Psychologists and therapists use art therapy today as a means to help in the healing process. Also, many of our universities are now offering "Art That Heals" as part of their curriculum in training the next generation of students to use as therapy. There is no doubt that art moves people and can change attitudes, mend wounds, bring hope and life. Experiencing art is no different than listening to great music or watching an inspiring movie. It can change the way you feel and think. Prophetics is proud to represent the finest Prophetic and Christian artisans and craftsmen in the world. We invite you to experience a very unique and exquisite gallery of divinely inspired artists who help to change lives with their work. Prophetics promotes art with a divine purpose that will change our communities, cities, and cultures bringing hope and love.
The art piece featured above is by prophetic artist Patti Hricinak-Sheets and is entitled "Trinity".