March 2016 Newsletter

We Have A Gift For You!
We launched a wonderful new campaign in February to spread the news about our gallery and added a free give-a-way for an art magnet with selections of beautiful artwork from some of our finest artists. We have continued this offer into March. This art magnet also includes all our contact information offering a way for you to stay in touch with our gallery. We have unique handcrafted Prophetic and Christian art that you will want to purchase and this magnet will come in handy by keeping it close by on your refrigerator. We are very proud of our team of fine artisans and craftsmen and love sharing that with you. Prophetics would also love for you or your friends to also take advantage of this free give-a-way by clicking on our "Contact Us/Join Our Email" on our website. Mention our free art magnet offer to your local churches, businesses or other organizations and have them link up to our website by clicking on "Link To Us". They will then be able to share this free offer within their community or organization and everyone can get their very own Prophetics art magnet. 
Prophetic Art Training Team 
And Traveling Gallery Is 
Available For Your Community
Or Church
Prophetics is coming to a community or church near you. We have several teams that will be able to go into the local communities in your area to help present a traveling gallery of original art, prints, sculptures, apparel art and more. We also have teams of artists that can conduct seminars and training programs on prophetic art. If you are interested in setting up a gallery or a prophetic art training program in your area, please contact Debbie Marino at or call toll free at
Recently one of our artists from Prophetics started a traveling art exhibit to several cancer centers located in the Cayman Islands. Avril Ward started a tour last October of centers with artists that painted "WHAT DOES HOPE LOOK LIKE?". We have other artists from our gallery that conduct wonderful programs as well. Cathy Schock and Kevin Moffatt travel in the USA to help train artists interested in prophetic art workshops. Also, Froyle Neideck from Australia traveled with a wonderful program she created and entitled "THE COLOURS OF HOPE". Grace Bailey is hosting a Prophetic Art workshop in Australia on April 1-2nd called "ARTS LEARNING MADE FUN WORKSHOP". Click on the links below to learn more about these amazing workshops and traveling galleries.
Prophetics has so many wonderful and dedicated artists that create art with a purpose. Their art has a "divine" purpose that brings God's love, hope and healing to many who are hurting. It is an excellent way to help change atmospheres, communities and cultures. If you would like for us to set up a similar program in your area, please contact Debbie Marino at or call toll free at 1-844-559-9500.
Here are the links:
Upcoming Events
Prophetics owner Debbie Marino and one of our fine artists Avril Ward from the Cayman Islands will be attending The Breath And The Clay at Awake Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina March 4-6th. Ray Hughes and Gregory Wolfe are among several that will be speaking and teaching at this conference. This is a wonderful opportunity to attend prophetic workshops on art, dance, music and writing. Reserve your tickets as soon as possible and learn more about this event by clicking on the link.

Karitos 2016 is another great program to attend for prophetic workshops on the Visual Arts, Dance, Music, Worship, Theatre, Film, and the Literary Arts. It will take place July 14-16th at Living Water Community Church in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Bob Sorge and Vivien Hibbert are Karitos favorites and always come with a now Word from God. This year they will be addressing the Karitos theme of "Jubilee", speaking powerfully on Freedom, Restoration, and Release. At Karitos, you will be equipped and challenged by solid workshops, powerful general sessions, exciting concerts and performances, extravagant workshop celebrations, opportunities to showcase your ministry, plus times of networking and rich fellowship. Registration is available by clicking on this link at Karitos 2016

Also, Prophetics will be attending the CIATS (Christians In Action Trade Show) September 23-24th at the County Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This is both a wholesale and retail trade show open to businesses and the public. Please come on out and visit us if you are in the area and stop by our showroom booth of beautiful Prophetic and Christian art from some of the finest artists in the world. We will be offering for purchase several selections of original art, prints, sculptures and more at the show. You don't want to miss this wonderful event!

Featured Artists Of The Month
Here are some of our featured artists with Prophetics. Please visit our website to see their entire collection. Every art piece they create tells a story, gives a prophetic word or a Bible verse. Their art is inspired by God to bring light, hope, and love to many. We call this Art With A Divine Purpose!
"Walking In The Glory Light" by Cathy Schock
Cathy Schock
Cathy is an a prophetic artist from Ohio and paints with acrylic, oil, mixed media or pastel. She is a graduate of Bowling Green State University with a BFA degree. Her art reflects themes of hope, victory, and joy. She created "Art From The Heart International Ministries" with her business partner Anita Singh which encourages artists of all kinds to awaken to join and elevate in the Holy Spirit through the Arts.
"Walking In The Glory Light" was based on 2 Corinthians 3:16-18, we can go from glory to glory with the King. As we submit hurts in our soul realm and learn to trust, we can walk another step in His Divinity toward the King of Glory. As the cub draws near to His Majesty, such compassion is expressed in the King's eyes towards the cub. The Glory Light emanates off His mane and envelops the cub also in the process of walking towards Him (Psalm 24:3).
"Heavens Delight - John's Joy" by Kevin Moffatt
Kevin Moffatt
Kevin is a pastel artist, teacher, mentor, and silk scarf painter. He is a BFA graduate from Maryland Art Institute. He travels to conferences and conducts seminars, workshops, and teaches about creativity.
Kevin's art piece "Heaven's Delight - John's Joy" was a commissioned piece for a lady whose son was killed in a motorcycle accident. She wanted a painting of her son dancing during worship before God. This is the vision God
gave Kevin to paint for her.
Please keep in mind that Kevin as well as all of our other artists are available for commission work should you desire a special art piece to commemorate a love one. Also, any art project that you would like for your home, office, commercial setting or church can be arranged with one of our artists by calling us at 1-844-559-9500 toll free or email us at
"Awaiting His Return" by Nancy Schacht
Nancy Schacht
Nancy was born and raised in Iowa. She enjoys painting as God leads her and experiments with new ideas that He gives her. Her desire is to impact the lives for the Kingdom. Nancy just released her first children's book called "Kisses From Heaven" which is a children's devotional. Many of the paintings that Nancy has in her book are based off her childhood growing up in the country.
"Awaiting His Return" Is based off the Word in Revelations 22:12, "And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his works shall be". Watching and waiting for Jesus is the theme.
"Arise" by Ronel Eksteen
Ronel Eksteen
Ronel is a South African artist. She started as a Graphic artist and painted in her spare time. She paints with oils but had her start in acrylics. Her primary source of inspiration is her heavenly Father's love and beauty. She has a passion to release His love, light, and transforming power through her art. Ronel hosted an art exhibition in 2015 with fellow artist Marika Waterson called "Arise".
"Arise" is based on the word Psalm 110:4. Maybe you do not believe that you are creative. Be reminded today that you are madein the image of our creative God. His Spirit lives inside of you and you have His creativity within you. Act on the burning desire to create and whether your creative expression is in music, writing, painting, sculpting, baking, photography or dance, let it be a reflection of your Heavenly Father. Be a beautiful display of His goodness and love. Do not compare yourself with others. The Heavenly Father placed a unique individual creative expression inside of you. Let it be an act of worship to Him. Encountering the heart of God through creativity will bring a divine exchange your ashes for His beauty.
"Offering" by Robert Omundi
Robert Omundi
Robert is from Kenya and is a graphic design graduate
from Mombasa Polytechnic University College. He paints with oil or acrylic on canvas. He uses art as a basic form of worship. Robert believes that art has the powerto capture the attention, imagination, and the hearts of people. It is more effective in directing the nations than armies or weapons.
"Offering" is a painting that depicts offerings given to God the African way.