February 2016 Newsletter

Prophetics Advertises With Charisma Magazine 
Prophetics kicks off the New Year with advertising in Charisma and Spirit Led Woman magazines and in the Prophetic Insight online newsletter. We launched a wonderful new campaign to spread the news about our gallery and added a free give-a-way for an art magnet with selections of beautiful artwork from some of our finest artists. This magnet also includes all our contact information offering a way for you to stay in touch with our gallery. We have unique handcrafted Prophetic and Christian art that you will want to purchase and this magnet will come in handy by keeping it close by on your refrigerator. We are very proud of our team of fine artisans and craftsmen and love sharing that with you. Prophetics would also love for you or your friends to also take advantage of this free give-a-way by clicking on our "Contact Us/Join Our Email" on our website. Mention our free art magnet offer to your local churches, businesses or other organizations and have them link up to our website by clicking on  "Link To Us". Then they can share this free offer within their community or organization and everyone can get their very own Prophetics art magnet. What a fun free Valentine's gift for everyone!
Also, we welcome you to visit our website to purchase a wonderful art piece as a present for a loved one this Valentine's Day or for any occasion. It's an incredible way to show your love. 
Upcoming Events
Prophetics will be adding new products for the home and we have named this part of our gallery "Prophetic Home". You can expect to see many of our artists images reproduced on fabrics that will be used on pillows, drapery, upholstered goods and more. Stay tuned as we will inform you about these new exciting products in the coming months. 
Prophetics owner Debbie Marino and one of our fine artists Avril Ward from the Cayman Islands will be attending The Breath And The Clay at Awake Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina March 4-6th. Ray Hughes and Gregory Wolfe are among several that will be speaking and teaching at this conference. This is a wonderful opportunity to attend prophetic workshops on art, dance, music and writing. Reserve your tickets as soon as possible and learn more about this event by clicking on the blue link below. 
Also,Prophetics will be attending the CIATS (Christians In Action Trade Show) September 23-24th at the County Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This is both a wholesale and retail trade show open to businesses and the public. Please come on out and visit us if you are in the area and stop by our showroom booth. We would love for you to experience and purchase some of our beautiful Prophetic and Christian art from some of the finest artists in the world. We will be displaying several selections of original art, prints, sculptures and more at this show. You do not want to miss this wonderful event!

Featured Artists
Here are some of our featured artists with Prophetics for this month. Please visit our website to see their entire collection. Every art piece they create tells a story, gives a prophetic word or a Bible verse. Their art is inspired by God to bring light, hope, and love to many. We call this Art With A Divine Purpose!
"Esther Brave And Assured" by April Ryan
April Ryan 
April is a prophetic artist from Pennsylvania. She is inspired by the beauty of nature, the uniqueness of people and impressions, images, and concepts derived from the Spirit of God inside her. She receives inspiration from the scriptures and Bible characters. It is her passion to create and believes that she ministers to others with her art. April
was inspired to do a series of portrayals depicting Biblical characters that speak to us of their mission from God. Esther displayed uncommon bravery and confidence in God. April's hope is that people will be inspired by Esther's story and receive a similar anointing in their life. 
"Dandelion Dreams" by Bronson Burdick
Bronson Burdick
Bronson is a prophetic artist from New York. His inspiration comes from his relationship with God who inspires him to paint his word, colors, emotions, and life experiences. Bronson's art piece "Dandelion Dreams" uses elements of nature to describe the Son of God watching over everyone and the sky shows the color of Jesus' blood that was generously given for mankind. The clouds represent God's glory and victory. Bronson describes the Holy Spirit as flowing in this art piece to give God's children direction. Many of God's people experience different stages of surrender in their lifetime but God is watching over His people and surrounds them with His presence bringing them from one level of glory to another.
"Valiant One" by Jack Whitney
Jack Whitney
Jack is a prophetic artist from Missouri. He creates most of his art from the prayer room at Gateway House of Prayer in St. Louis. He gets many of his concepts for his artwork by spending time in God's Word, prayer and worship. Jack's prophetic word for his piece "Valiant One" is that courage, peace, strength, and confidence are the qualities of a man of valor. The face of the Lion is offset depicting that God is very close and illustrates His invitation to us to partner with Him and realize victory when we obey. The Bible verse that Jack selected to go along with this art piece is from Judges 6:12, "And the Angel of the Lord appeared to him and said to him, The Lord is with you, you mighty man of fearless courage."  
"Holy Holy Holy" by Bruce Weeks
Bruce Weeks
Bruce is a prophetic artist from North Carolina. He is inspired by the spiritual themes that he finds in the Bible. As the Holy Spirit begins to stir up interest and excitement about a particular theme he begins to search out creative compositions that will have a powerful message and will glorify God. As Bruce prays and reads the scriptures a certain passage or theme will strike him and he begins by sketching it out with a pen. Once he has an idea in mind he begins loosely painting it on canvas. Jack believes that God's workmanship in him becomes His message to share with others.
"The Journey Home" by Froyle Neideck
Froyle Neideck
Froyle is a prophetic artist from Australia. She believes that art is spiritual and that every piece carries its own presence and releases the intention from which it has been created. Music plays a vital role in her creativity and it is the catalyst from where she draws her emotional expression. She believes that her art is one of joy and expresses this through color and texture which brings an atmosphere of hope. Her pursuit is that each of her paintings enhances the environment it inhabits.


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