April 2016 Newsletter

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We have the finest Prophetic and Christian Artists and Artisans in the world!  We also have art for every budget and offer originals, prints, framing, matting and ship worldwide. We also have sculptures, scarves, jewelry, apparel and more!
"Vineyard" Arm Cuff by Kathryn Lane Berkowitz
We have added wonderful new categories to our website:
Prophetic Jewelry
Beautiful jewelry has been added to our e-commerce website. Please visit our website and enjoy purchasing the latest in prophetic jewelry. Each piece is handcrafted by a master artisan in the field. Mother's Day is just around the corner and this would be a magnificent way to show your love by purchasing jewelry for that special mom in your life. She deserves the very best!
Jewelry artist Kathryn Lane Berkowitz (click on her name and it will take you to her Prophetics Gallery page) has a series of collections and they are available for immediate purchase. Please visit our website to see all her collections of beautifully handcrafted bracelets, arm cuffs, neck cuffs, and necklaces.
Kathryn is from Lincolnton, North Carolina and creates handcrafted jewelry with seed beads, gemstones, crystals, and other elements to create her jewelry. Click on our link below to send you directly to our website for our prophetic jewelry collection.
"The Lion And The Lamb" by Jean Pierre DeBernay
Children's Wall Art
We have had recent interest in bringing great new collections of art for children's rooms and nurseries. So a new category for Children's Wall Art was added to supply that need. We hope you like it and we will be adding more artists to fill this special niche in the days ahead.
Jean Pierre DeBernay has several art pieces for a children's bedrooms or nurseries and they are adorable! Please visit our new selections of Children's Wall Art today and enjoy the beauty of prophetic art for your children. They are heavenly atmosphere changers! Click on our link in orange below.
Prophetic Art Workshops and Traveling Gallery Are Available For Your Community Program Or Church
Prophetics is coming to a community or church near you. We have several teams that will be able to go into the local communities in your area to help present a traveling gallery of original art, prints, sculptures, apparel art and more. We also have teams of artists that can lead workshops on prophetic art or paint on stage at conferences. 
Prophetics has so many wonderful and dedicated artists that create art with a purpose. Their art has a "divine" purpose that brings God's love, hope and healing to many who are hurting. It is an excellent way to help change atmospheres, communities and cultures.
If you are interested in setting up a gallery, having a prophetic workshop, or having an artist paint on stage in your area, please contact Debbie Marino at Propheticsgallery@gmail.com or call toll free at 1-844-559-9500.
These programs are available worldwide! We are currently planning a program in Ireland for April 2017. More details to come for this trip and prophetic art program with Prophetics Gallery. Stay tuned!
Featured Artists Of The Month
These are our featured artists for April. Please visit our website to see their entire collection. Every art piece they create tells a story, gives a prophetic word or a Bible verse. Their art is inspired by God to bring His light, hope, and love 
to many. We call this...
Art With A Divine Purpose!
"Holy Ecstasy" by David Costello
David Costello
David is from Freeport, Maine and is a studio artist and he works primarily in pastels. David's formal training is from the San Francisco Art Institute, the San Francisco Art Academy, and the Carmel Art Institute in California.
David's inspiration comes from the world around him but much is from within. He is a fan of beauty and he paints from the beauty that surrounds us. When creating a piece of art, he draws from what he sees in nature and from the heart. He is a student of the language of color and light and expresses the impact of longings of the human spirit through this silent voice.
The prophetic meaning behind David's art piece "Holy Ecstasy" is that the image depicts one who thirsts for living waters and the promise fulfilled. Click on David's link below to see his entire art collection on our website.
"Flight To Egypt" by Jean Pierre DeBernay
Jean Pierre DeBernay
Jean Pierre lives Colorado Springs, Colorado but was born and raised in Normandy, France. He received his Art degree from Penn State University and did his post graduate work at Kansas City Art Institute. He has worked for Hallmark Cards and Current Inc. a greeting card company. Jean Pierre has an art ministry at Eastside Church in Colorado Springs and has several galleries representing his work on the East Coast, Santa Fe, and Sedona.
Jean Pierre is inspired by the Holy Spirit and scriptures. His talent comes from the Lord and he gives Him all the credit. He uses impressionism and realism in creating his work in watercolor or oil.
Click on Jean Pierre's link below to see his entire art collection on our website.
"My Beloved" by Maria Van Tintelen
Maria Van Tintelen
Maria is from Wiltshire in the United Kingdom. Maria is mainly self taught but has had training through a local college.
Her inspiration comes from her relationship with God. She expresses her heart through painting as God has designed her to do. 
The prophetic word for "My Beloved" is that is how God feels about us. He made us to be vibrant and settled in the knowledge that we are His. The strong orange and green remind her of this along with the purity of white. The golden cross is a symbol of God's passionate love and how He feels. Click on Maria's link below to see her entire art collection on our website.
Online Art Sessions with Alice Arlene Briggs
Alice Arlene Briggs will be conducting Mixed Media classes online which will be ongoing. You can sign up and work at your own pace via video.
In six short sessions Alice will walk you through the creation of one of her mixed media pieces from start to finish. Visit Alice Arlene Brigg's website!
Conference: Prophetic Painting on stage with Kevin Moffatt
Our Prophetics artist Kevin Moffatt will be attending the Together International conference April 21-23 in Mechanicsburg, PA and will be painting on stage. Many amazing international guest speakers will be speaking at this conference so please attend if you can. Click on the link below in blue to register.  Admission is free but you need to register.