Prophetics is Finally Here! by Debbie Marino

Prophetics is finally here! This company has been in the design process for over three years and it all started in the kitchen while chatting with a very dear friend and neighbor, Anne Harris. We both discussed, as interior designers, there is a need for beautiful Christian or Prophetic pieces of art, furnishings and more that would reflect fine handmade craftsmanship.

We wanted more for the home in the way of Christian and Prophetic pieces inspired by God that would help change the atmosphere in any setting whether in the home or office. As I further investigated the internet, I realized that there was no one website that offered these handmade products and Prophetics was officially birthed in April 2015.

My heart was to obtain pieces created by artists that have been given visions from God that truly depicted the Kingdom of God and the heavenly realm. These pieces tell a story or give revelation of hope, healing and deliverance.

Many of the artists on our website have a prophetic word with their pieces that come from God and is meant to give hope, encouragement and life. Anyone who has ever received a piece of prophetic art will tell you that it is as if God was speaking directly to them and that the piece brought life to the atmosphere in which it was placed.

Prophetic and Christian art has been around for centuries but never has it had the opportunity to be sold on a world level like today with the help of the internet. We hope to get more of God’s anointed pieces to the world and bring life to the different cultures around us.

We hope you will enjoy the articles for our very first Prophetics Newsletter. These articles will give meaning to more of what Prophetics is all about.

God’s Blessings,

Debbie Marino

Owner of Prophetics